The Center for Clergy Care and Education is committed to providing a safe place for pastors and their families to seek counseling.

While one person cannot meet the mental health needs of over 1,000 clergy, the Center can make appropriate referrals when necessary. Psychiatric evaluations are available, and if such care if deemed necessary, the pastor and/or family member(s) can establish a relationship with one of our many competent and talented local therapists.

The Center’s goal is to provide counseling and psychotherapy services to any pastor, regardless of insurance coverage or ability to pay. Dr. Winslett is affiliated with many major insurance companies; however, it is recommended that those seeking help first check with their provider. Every effort will be made to use existing medical coverage, and decisions regarding financial need will be made on an individual, case by case basis.

The Center for Clergy Care and Education is a safe, comfortable place where clergy and their families can begin to explore important and unresolved issues in their lives. We cannot adequately express our concern for and commitment to issues of confidentiality.