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May 14, 2015

Books for Difficult Times

In the most recent issue of Christian Century magazine, an several pastors, theologians, and seminary professors were asked an important question. The question essentially was to “Is there a book that carried you through difficult, low times in your spiritual journey?” For me, the responses were fascinating. Books were mentioned that I have never heard of. Books were mentioned I have heard of yet not read. And then there were a couple of books I have read, yet would not label as being “helpful” in my days of darkness.

This set me thinking about the book I would claim as being most helpful in my own darkness and valleys. The late John Claypool wrote a short book titled, Tracks of a Fellow Struggler. It really is not a book in the normal sense, but rather a compilation of five Claypool sermons preached during the dark days of his daughter’s diagnosis of leukemia, treatment, and ultimately, death. The first sermon is the first sermon he preached after her diagnosis and the fourth sermon is the first sermon he preached after her funeral.

I go back to this book often. For me, it serves as a reminder of a God who is present with us in our pain and who struggles with us in our darkest moments.

So, what would be the book for you?

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